choked up on empty airways
 choked up on empty airways

i am Bree
19. Australian. Tokyo.

a lot of the time I'm a whining piece of anxious, compulsive bipolar shit. sometimes I'm nice I guess. I don't really have a blog style, this is kinda just my aesthetic / mind on a page.

  • breaks into your room: ITS ALMOST OCTOBER
  • rips open blinds: SMELL THE PUMPKINS
  • pulls you out of bed: LOOK AT THE LEAVES
  • leans in really close:
  • feel the spoopy

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I don’t want to be heeeeeere
why should I write an essay when all I want to be writing is my manifesto of how much the world is hurting each other and me and then my will and suicide letter
I literally can’t stand this planet anymore everything hurts and I’m a fucking baby I can’t handle this
I can’t escape
I can’t do anything
I can’t help anybody
I hate this

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My anaconda will consider it

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