i am BJ.
also known as Bree. 18.
tea, rain, dog, lights, music, icecream.

Australian living in Tokyo.
I refuse to be categorised, but if I must be, I shall describe my blog as personal / pastel.
i like it when my lovelies chat to me!~


The only joke my mom ever made was me

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note to my lovely forest nymph anon:
my phone fucked up my response and then I accidentally deleted the whole damn thing I’m so sorry!
today is not my day. finals tomorrow. it’s around 2am right now. mergh.
thank you for asking how I am!
xx ♥ ❀ ★

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"he looks weird on this pic but i swear he is hot" a novel by me

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  • 15yo brother: is fishies the real plural of fish?
  • mum: no, it's just something little kids say to be cute
  • brother: but doggy is a style!
  • me:
  • mum:
  • brother: I mean.. is a word.. ?!
  • brother: now is a good time to say goodnight

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